You’re Becoming a Writer?

I’ve heard that you’ve decided to become a writer. Don’t ask how I hear these things. I just have a general awareness of the state of affairs of the state of your mind and your daily affairs. The point is that you’ll need some some support. That’s why I invited you to Life Advice Movie Night.

Sinister: You’re going to need your mind but don’t get lost in it. Stay a part of the world and don’t drink too much. Also, watch movies to inspire you… selectively.   

Twixt: You might want to collaborate. Remember that being a writer doesn’t exclude people from being other things too and don’t drink too much. Also, hardware/book store amalgamations may exist, so just be aware of that.   

1408: You might become jaded but don’t get complacent about the little things, like numerous warnings. Think outside of the box and don’t drink too much. Also, a song on repeat can deplete your cool, so be prepared to sing medleys to yourself in the event of a musical malfunction.

Forewarned is forearmed and forewatched is forewisened. You’ll probably be fine.

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