You’re Moving?

I’ve heard that you’re moving to a new place. You don’t need to ask how I know that. We all saw the moving van. The point is that moving can be a big thing. That’s why I invited you to life advice movie night.

A Haunting In Connecticut You may have settled for somewhere you don’t think is ideal out of desperation. Invite a friend over and try to bring some fun into the place. Also, a note about leaving; if you want to leave and you can leave then there’s an option for you.

The Resident You may have found somewhere perfect. If your inbuilt warning alarm has you describing it as seeming too good to be true, then congratulations on taking your first steps to a home security system. Also, there are different degrees of alone.

The Mimic You may feel the urge to decorate a bit. They say mirrors are great. Don’t believe everything you hear. Also, just because you can fit something else into the boot of your car, it doesn’t mean you should.

Forewarned is forearmed and forewatched is forewisened. You’ll probably be fine.

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