You’re Becoming A Police Officer?

I’ve heard that you’ve decided to become a police officer. Don’t ask how I hear these things. Sometimes notes passed in class by observant kids with paper rounds get confiscated by teachers who post them as part of weekly well-being reports to interested parties. The point is that I’m here to help. That’s why I invited you to life advice movie night.   

The Horde You may find yourself on covert missions. Don’t be intimidated by unconventional opponents and always keep an ash tray around even if no one smokes. Also, you never know when your ammunition will be insufficient for the day you didn’t know you were in for, so don’t waste it.

Eyes Of Crystal You may have to hit the books and become a bit of a linguist/botanist. Get through the botany and Latin and make time for a trip to the beach. Also, some people think taxidermy is always creepy. Some people think taxidermy is sometimes creepy. Either way, the creepiness is there. Basically, it’s okay to feel distrustful of taxidermists.

Dark Was The Night You may feel the pressure of everyone needing you all the time. Make that breakfast, defend those horses, and keep walkie-talkieing to people. Also, you may develop a new appreciation for art. Get your smiles where you can.

Forewarned is forearmed and forewatched is forewisened. You’ll probably be fine.

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