Don’t Worry, They’re Westerns

Now before you say anything, I know you don’t want to watch horror movies all the time. That’s why I’ve invited you over for your type of movie night. I have a line-up of westerns stretching from here to the sunset. Saddle up and settle in.

Ravenous I have your need for cold frontier expedition action covered. See some sword, log and teeth death delivery as people who are helping strangers, having workplace conflicts and struggling to fit in do a bit of hunting, strange meat cooking, and storytelling.

Blood Moon Do you want to immerse yourself in a ghost town stagecoach adventure? Done. See some knife, gun and claw death delivery as men from nowhere and women from everywhere do a bit of horse wrestling, mule hunting, and storytelling.

Gallowwalkers Let’s quench that thirst for a deep desert railroad experience. See some meat hook, guillotine, and head tearing death delivery as old foes and people comfortably tolerating each other do a bit of horse counting, chain shooting, and storytelling; campfire proportioned storytelling.

Sit back, relax, and don’t worry, they’re westerns.

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