You’re Travelling By Train?

I’ve heard that you’re travelling by train. You don’t need to ask how I know that. Some people are tourists recording their journey. Some people are on tour recording other people’s journeys. The point is that there may be more to your train ride than you expect. That’s why I invited you to life advice movie night.

Howl Your train may stop unexpectedly. You can tell a lot about people based on what they drop. Step away from people who are unhelpfully hysterical or helpful for an audience and don’t go to the bathroom. Also, people who have been rejected for a promotion or a course may be a lot more valuable than they’re feeling that day.

Red Eye Every ride won’t be a smooth ride and you may spend a lot of time falling over. Distract yourself by making new acquaintances, avoiding old acquaintances, and don’t go to the bathroom. Also, stray hair and misplaced hair pieces can be far more sinister than they sound.      

Train Of The Dead You may wish you were somewhere else. You won’t be the only one feeling that way. At least inside the carriage is better than on top of the carriage, remember it won’t last for all eternity and don’t go to the bathroom. Also, dance carriages are a thing, so just be aware of that.

Forewarned is forearmed and forewatched is forewisened. You’ll probably be fine.

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