Get The Shredded Series Published: A How-To Walk-Through

1. Send The First Shred to a handful of agents. Be told they liked it but it’s not the kind of writing they represent or they will say it’s not the length they represent. One will want to take it on if you can increase the word count. Outcome: keep focused on your dream of having the parts released separately as quick read options and then combine them with supplementary material.

2. Self-publish to make it available to friends and the greater public. After selling to friends, withdraw it before it reaches the greater public. Because it hasn’t. At all. Outcome: decide you definitely need support with that side of things.  

3. Send one section of The Second Shred in screenplay format to a screenplay competition. Be told they liked it but you haven’t won. Outcome: feel like you have enough evidence that the story is interesting to other people.

4. Approach a handful of publishers at once. One will say no thank you, but thanks anyway. John from Madness Heart Press will say yes thank you, and a series sounds great. Withdraw it from the others. Outcome: a good day.

5. John will say I’m thinking we release the three novellas separately then an omnibus. You will ask if he’s happy with supplementary material. He will say he’s happy with supplementary material. Outcome: even better.

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